MicroActive automatic detection of disease related molecular cell activity

lab image

Many common diseases currently require that samples be sent to remote labs for diagnosis. This is costly and takes time, increasing patient anxiety and delaying the start of treatment. MicroActive will make it feasible to carry out automatic, accurate diagnosis at the local doctor’s office.

MicroActive will develop an integrated system based on microtechnology and biotechnology for automated diagnosis of a wide range of diseases. The system will analyze biological samples and be specifically designed for use in primary health care.

Microactive will achieve this by using bio-marker mRNA detection. Compared to commonly used approaches (e.g. PCR amplification and immunoassay methods), mRNA detection avoids false positive results and has a high sensitivity. It can currently be used to detect pre-cancer, cancer, STD and a range of respiratory diseases, to mention a few. New bio-markers are being developed every day