Medical Gerontology faces the challenge to train, attract and retain the best health care workers and allow for lifelong learning tied to an attractive career ladder and opportunities for advancement. Given demographic changes, expertise in ageing and the evidence-based care of the older person is in increasing demand across health and social care professions, including health policy and healthcare management. In Medical Gerontology, the is an ongoing requirement to rethink and adjust health services to adapt them to the new needs of the population, the mobility of health professionals and the integration of technological advances in care delivery.

The Discipline is committed to continue to develop new teaching techniques that are transversal, interprofessional, internally and externally available and which are interactive and make use of e-learning where feasible. We are committed to matching the specialty requirements of academics with integrated post graduate programmes centred around geriatric medicine and gerontology in either clinical service, education or research, supporting the European postgraduate curriculum in geriatric medicine. An example of such vision is the National Frailty Education Programme and the Irish Frailty Network interest group, with which the Discipline is highly engaged.

Details on Medical Gerontology-related postgraduate courses can be obtained from the Postgraduate Admissions Office. We also welcome informal enquiries from prospective PhD/MD candidates. The Discipline has seen many completed Theses and Dissertations and examples of those are available on TARA.