Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

  • Scientists switch on world-leading radio telescope
    Joining the the international low frequency array (LOFAR) telescope network will allow astrophysicists based in Ireland to study the early Universe and better understand the effects of the Sun on Earth.
  • Trinity marks centenary of the Irish Convention
    Two former Taoisigh, John Bruton, Bertie Ahern, and some of Ireland’s leading historians gathered for ‘The Irish Convention, 1917-1918: A Centenary Symposium’.
  • Researchers uncover new treatment options for common debilitating skin disease
    The researchers pinpointed ‘Th17’ cells as mediating the disease (Hidradenitis suppurativa). A number of existing treatments target the same pathway and may be effective in treating HS.
  • Trinity appoints new community liaison officer
    The community liaison officer facilitates and promotes engagement with the college.
  • Does the next industrial revolution spell the end of manufacturing jobs?
    Research Assistant in Manufacturing Research Engineering at Trinity, Jeff Morgan, believes that it is up to us to make sure the 'robot workforce' works for us -- freeing us up to focus more on business development and creative science.
  • Sensing the dead is perfectly normal -- and often helpful
    Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology at Trinity, Simon McCarthy-Jones, argues that we shouldn't feel afraid to talk about these experiences -- which are surprisingly common.
  • Trinity students and alumni share their Trinity experience stories, which helped shape their lives

    Using production techniques like drone and time-lapse filming, we were able to present the campus, both old and new, in ways that have never before been done. While we can never hope to capture the scale of what happens in Trinity every day, we believe this film tries to capture some elements of what makes Trinity unique.

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