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Engineers Find Optimum Solution to Protect Aquatic Biodiversity by Forested Areas

Grass-seeded 'buffer zones' soak up nutrients from peatland forestry that can harm salmon and other species in nearby rivers.

17 April 2014

Research on Decade of MRSA Samples in Irish Hospitals May Help Prepare for Potential Emergence of New MRSA Strains

Scientists in the School of Dental Science have new intelligence on the pool of MRSA strains circulating in Irish hospitals from which the next dominant MRSA hospital strains may come.

16 April 2014

Issues Affecting Low-Income Students Theme of International Summit co-hosted by Trinity in the US

The summit co-organised with the US organisation 'College For Every Student' focused on the structure, policy and funding of College 2025.

16 April 2014

CyberEthics Event examines influence of internet on human behaviour

Hosted by Trinity Long Room Hub the event formed part of Trinity's contribution to the President of Ireland's Ethics Initiative.

16 April 2014

Dying Without Wings

Animals that use the gift of flight or live in inaccessible environments enjoy longer relative lifespans.

16 April 2014

Crowdfunding Platform to Support Student Entrepreneurs Launched

It involves three teams: 'Foodcloud', 'Writing for Tiny' and 'Artomatix', that developed new enterprises as part of Trinity's LaunchBox business accelerator for students.

15 April 2014 Last updated: Apr 07 2014


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