Student Life

You will make lasting connections with classmates and staff at the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin. It is important throughout your time here that you not only build academic fortitude, but that you look after yourself and participate in activities you enjoy.

TCD Dermatology Society is guided by the principle of “skin care for all”. Skin conditions have a significant impact on the physical and psycho-social well-being of patients and constitute a large proportion of GP consultations and outpatient work yet are underrepresented in the medical curriculum. As medical students it is important that we are able to effectively treat skin conditions amongst a heterogenous patient population, improve our knowledge of dermatological disease and embrace technological innovation to manage our patients to the best of our abilities. We recognize that treating white skin and brown skin is not always the same and there needs to be a shift to appropriate skin care for all that is founded in science, research and studies. The aims of the society contribute and broaden the knowledge of dermatology especially in SOC, raise public awareness of preventable skin conditions and share new therapeutics/technologies to advance the field of dermatology.


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There are countless student groups and societies on campus - Dublin University Central Societies Committee give you a taste of what's on offer. There are 3 major societies connected to the Medicine course - BioSoc, MOVE and Med Day.

Dublin University, Biological Association, belovedly known as BioSoc or the Bi, was founded in 1874. Not only do they organise a number of events, including a Book Sale, an Eid-ul-adha Celebration, the Christmas trip and Panto, the Inaugural Ball and a fantastic Careers Night, but they also provide a number of survival guides to students on every year of the course

Med Day is an annual tradition that kicks off with a launch event and culminates into a day of activity, starting with a sea of matching t-shirts descending upon Dublin city centre to shake buckets and collect contributions. From lunchtime the cash count begins and fundraisers head to the cricket pitch and the Pav for celebrations and further fundraising activities. In 2016 there was a bouncy castle, an ice cream truck, and bidding wars over who got to put a pie in the face of staff members to raise much needed funds for ICU in St James's Hospital and the Oncology Day Unit at Tallaght Hospital.

Medical Overseas Voluntary Electives or MOVE raises money for our students to bring medical equipment and supplies to resource-poor settings when on their summer elective. The students have built these relationships over the years in places like, Tanzania, Malawi, India and Vietnam.

In 1999, the Trinity Student Medical Journal (TSMJ) was founded to provide an opportunity for students to communicate their research accomplishments. Students are invited to participate in TSMJ through sitting on the editorial board or submission of work. The magazine is launched in print at an annual School event.

Within the school, there are a number of student interest groups aimed at promoting interest in certain clinical areas, such as Surgery, Paediatrics and Emergency Medicine. Additionally students are invited to sign up with any society they wish so whether your interests are religious, art or sport based there are unlimited opportunities to broaden their horizons and make new friends.


We recognise that in order for you to enjoy your time at university and to reach your full potential we need to support you in a variety of ways.  Our aim is to foster a supportive learning environment taking your individual needs into consideration.  Please view the slider for links to the range of supports available: