Big Data in Biomedical Research – Using the UK Biobank in Ireland

10am - 2.30pm on Friday 21st of May 2021

Why? The UK Biobank is the one of the world’s largest biomedical databases with both deep genetic and rich phenotypic data collected on ~500,000 participants. Over 1,800 peer-review papers have been published using UK Biobank data and over 20,000 researchers use the resource worldwide. Despite this, there is sparse use of the resource in Ireland. Furthermore, due to the impact of COVID-19 to research cohort recruitment, more and more researchers are looking to biomedical databases to continue their work.

What is it? This is a half-day, online workshop consisting of six talks from UK Biobank experts and leading researchers using the resource, a PhD candidate UK Biobank project thesis-in-three session (Prizes- 1st: €250, 2nd: €150, 3rd: €100) and a collaboration session (Prize: €100).

Who? Researchers in biomedical research and postgraduate students from relevant fields (e.g. genetics & genomics, data science and analytics, and other biomedical sciences/clinical research) based on the island of Ireland. Open to all levels from PhD candidate to principal investigators. It is also open to those from biomedical research companies based in Ireland.

The workshop agenda may be found here: Big Data in Biomedical Research Agenda (pdf)


  1. Encourage the use of the UK Biobank in Ireland
  2. Help researchers looking alternative data sources for projects disrupted by COVID-19
  3. Facilitate collaborations between researchers/ research group

Hosted by:

  1. Thomas Dinneen, Dr Nadia Bolshakova & Prof. Louise Gallagher- Autism Research Group, Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin.
  2. Dr Cathy Wyse & Dr Lorna M. Lopez - Family Genomics Research Group, Department of Biology, Maynooth University.


Sponsored by: The UK Biobank (


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