Teaching and Learning for Clinical Teachers (TLCT)

An interdisciplinary online resource for clinical teachers and practice educators

This resource consists of 5 units of learning

Who is this resource for?

This resource is for healthcare staff and academic staff who teach in the clinical learning environment. The student's voice informed the development of this resource and while the resource is predominantly aimed towards healthcare professional and educators both staff and students can benefit from engaging with this resource… after all healthcare students will be clinical teachers very soon.

The objectives of the resource are

  • Introduce clinical teachers to relevant educational theories related to clinical teaching and learning
  • Identify strategies for effective teaching and learning in the clinical learning environment
  • Enable clinical teachers to enhance student engagement and promoting a culture of belonging in the clinical learning environment
  • Enhance clinical educators' supervisory and management knowledge and skills in supporting students through diverse and complex clinical practice

How do I use this resource?

Each section is a stand-alone unit. Simply select the Unit of Learning you wish to complete and use the next and back buttons to navigate. There is a transcript of the audio available on the left hand side in each unit and subtitles for each video.

You can complete one or more units at your own pace. While we encourage completion of all five units there is no obligation to do so.