ADOS Reliability Workshop

The Autism Diagnostic Observational Schedule (ADOS) is an observational assessment used to support the diagnosis of children and young people with an autistic spectrum disorer. Individuals who have previously attended ADOS training may be interested in the ADOS Reliability Workshop. This workshop will offer professionals using ADOS in their clinical practice to attend practice scoring sessions and scoring discussions and to establish reliability on ADOS scoring. This workshop is particularly suitable for professionals using ADOS who do not have the opportunity to engage in reliability exercises with colleagues. It is also suitable to professionals who are starting to use ADOS and would like more practice with ADOS scoring and the opportunity to discuss scoring with trainers. The workshop does not provide reliability in ADOS for the research setting.

Interested participants should have previously completed ADOS training in TCD or elsewhere. This course is most useful to professionals who are using ADOS in their clinical practice. The course provides a necessary step in training for clinicians who wish to achieve reliability with others using the measure. This advanced level workshop involves intensive instruction on the psychometrics of the instrument and discussion and questions/answers about specific administration and coding issues.

Participants will be required to watch and code two video ADOS assessments. Each participant's codebook will be reviewed by a facilitator and a certificate of attendance will be awarded based on accurate scoring of the assessments.

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