Information for Postgraduate Students

Applying for a postgraduate course

Applications must be made through the Graduate Studies Office. Information regarding these procedures can be found here

Funding Opportunities

Information regarding Postgraduate Studentships applications can be obtained at the following link

Transfer/Continuation Report

Each student in the school of medicine must complete a transfer/continuation report and assessment within the first three years of study. Guidelines for preparation of this report and the accompanying procedures can be found at the following link

Travel grants

Trinity offers travel grants for graduate research students for attendance at conferences related to their research, information on how to apply can be found below. Please note awards are made quarterly and applications must be made in advance of travel

Guidelines for Thesis writing

All information regarding the writing and submission of your thesis can be found in the links below. This includes such information as typescript, format, references and access.

Thesis submission guidelines for students and for all other information, please be directed to the Graduate Studies Office:


Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics

Students might be interested to know of the above course (TRS58) which may be a useful accompaniment to their studies. Registered postgraduate students are exempt from paying the annual tuition fee.


All new staff members will be issued with a contract of employment within a few weeks of commencing employment, if not before they have started. The contract of employment will lay out all terms and conditions of employment. If you have any queries on your contract, please contact Claire Levingstone in Staff Office on ext. 3365. All contracts must be signed and sent back to the Staff Office, House 4, College.


For queries regarding salary or payment details please contact the person in the Payroll Section who is responsible for your staff category:

Monthly paid staff are paid on the 20th of the month and weekly paid staff on each Thursday.

Work Permits

If you are a non-EU/EEA national, your School or Department must advise Staff Office prior to you commencing employment. The Work Permit Section of the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment examines applications from employers and issues permits where appropriate. Research Assistants and Fellows may now avail of the Hosting Agreement scheme.
Please note that employees cannot commence employment with the College until their Work Permit / Hosting Agreement has been issued.

Bank Mandate & P45

Bank Mandate Forms, for payment of salary directly to your bank account, are available from the website. Completed Bank Mandate forms (and, where applicable, your P45) should be forwarded to the Salaries & Wages Office, 5 College Green, College. Monthly paid staff are paid on the 20th of the month and weekly paid staff on each Thursday.

Opening an Irish Bank Account

Salary must be paid into an Irish bank account. Some banks will require a letter from your employer in order to open a bank account. The contract of employment letter should suffice in most cases, however, if you require a letter to open a bank account, please contact the HR Adviser for your Faculty, or the Payroll Section of Staff Office.

Staff Numbers

All new members of Staff are issued with a Staff Number by Payroll. This number must be known before a Staff ID card can be issued. You can obtain your Staff number from Staff Office or Payroll at ext: 1678. 

Library Borrowing

For permission to borrow books, you must fill out a Library Bond Form. Library Bond Forms can be obtained from the Berkeley Library or the Staff Office. These forms must be completed and submitted to the Berkeley Library at least 48 hours prior to obtaining your staff card. Once encoded your staff card will act as your library card. Contact the Staff Office at ext: 1678.

Staff ID

Staff Cards are issued from Staff Office, House 4, College. Staff Cards are issued at specific times or by appointment at ext: 1678.
Staff Cards are issued at the following times: 
Monday to Friday 09:15 to 13.00 and 14.00 to 17.00.

Building Access

If your Staff ID card is required to enter buildings and is not allowing you access, please contact

Computer Access

New staff members can obtain their computer log-in and email account details either from Staff Office Reception or from the I.S. Services Helpdesk in Aras an Phiarsaigh. When obtaining your Staff ID Card, please ask at Staff Office Reception for your computer account details also. If they are not available from Staff Office at that time, you may obtain your computer details from the I.S. Services Helpdesk on presentation of your Staff ID Card. The Helpdesk can be contacted at ext. 2000.


Your Contract of Employment contains a clause that specifies whether or not you have been appointed to a pensionable position.  Information on the College’s pension arrangements is available at:

Medical Insurance - VHI / Hospital Saturday Fund Application and Vivas Forms

The college VHI Scheme (Voluntary Health Insurance) is handled by Francis Leogue of the Treasurer’s Office. Francis is contactable at ext: 1037. The VHI Scheme allows for payments to be made over 12 Month’s directly from Payroll.

Hospital Saturday Fund is a non-profit making organization, which provides a level of health insurance to subscribers. Facilities exist for deductions to be made directly from salaries in respect of staff subscriptions to the Hospital Saturday Fund.

Employee Assistance Programme

The College has appointed Inspire Workplace Counselling Services to provide its Employee Assistance Programme. They have a range of services, including telephone information services; telephone and face to face counselling and a very comprehensive website. They can provide assistance on a wide range of issues, for example: starting a new job, moving to Ireland, buying a new home, managing money, personal crises and family crises, etc.

Further details are available You will need your staff ID to access this service.  If you are newly appointed and have not been assigned a staff ID yet, please contact Staff office (ext 3333).
This service is paid for fully by the College and Guarantees total confidentiality. It is totally voluntary and it is designed to allow members of staff to seek confidential help on their own initiative.  Staff are assured that job security, seniority, wage rates, benefits and promotional opportunities will not be jeopardized by a request for consultation treatment.

Travel Pass Scheme

The Staff Relations Section of the Staff Office administers the Travel Pass Tax Saver Scheme for eligible Trinity College Staff. This scheme provides for the supply of Annual CIE and Luas travel passes to eligible staff, without their incurring benefit-in-kind tax liability.

The Office can be contacted at +353 1 896 3333

Car Parking Permits

To apply for a parking permit you must present your Vehicle Registration Certificate to the Director of Buildings Office located at West Chapel, College. Please note that there is currently a considerable waiting list for car parking permits. The Office can be contacted at ext: 2262.

Sports Facilities

Members of College’s extensive sport and physical recreation facilities must first obtain membership. Contact the Sports Centre Office ext:1803. or

Applying for a P.P.S Number - Irish Citizen

Anyone born after 1971 was issued with a Personnel Public Service Number at birth.  If you do not have access to this number, you can ring or call into: -
Social Welfare Services Office,
King’s Inn
20 King’s Inns Street
Dublin 1
Phone Number: (01) 8899500
Opening Hours 9.30 – 16.00    (opens Thursday at 10.30 am)

Applying for a P.P.S Number - Non-National

Non-Nationals must apply for a Personnel Public Service Number from the local Social Welfare Office in King’s Inn, details above.
An employee must bring the following with them:

  • Passport/Driving License
  • Documentation of Home Address e.g. Bill, Rent Book

It takes about 10 working days for this number to be issued.

Tax and PRSI Matters

All queries relating Tax and PRSI are dealt with by Salaries and Wages, 5 College Green, College, ext: 1928 or ext: 1856.
Please visit Irish Revenue Website for comprehensive guide:

Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-Off Point

Please contact Trinity’s Branch of the Tax Office, in order to sort out your tax affairs:
Central Revenue Information Office
Cathedral St.
Dublin 1
LoCall number for employees:  1890 333 425
Here you will be asked to complete a Form 12A. The following information will be asked for:-
P.P.S Number 
Employers Registered Number : 0053370I
Trinity Colleges Unit Number  : 657
Employers Occupation : University
Once the 12A has been completed, the Tax office will assess you and a Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut off point will be issued to you.  An employers copy will be issued to Trinity College about 2 or 3 days after you receive your copy.
For more information for about moving to Ireland and tax matters visit:


Voice Mail

To set up a voice mail account you should contact telephone extension 2251 in Director of Buildings Office

College Holidays

The Board of the College has designated certain days as College Holidays on which staff are not normally asked to work. Some of these holidays are in additional or included in the annual leave entitlement of members of staff. The present pattern of College holidays is as follows: the afternoon of the Wednesday of Trinity Week, Good Friday and four days at Christmas (Details of the Christmas closure are entered annually in the Calendar). Staff who are required to work on College Holidays are allowed time off at another time suitable to the requirements of their Departments.

Accidents in College

If you have an accident in College, however minor, you should report the incident to your Head of Department and ensure that an accident report form is completed. For emergencies (e.g. fire, garda, ambulance, gas leak, chemical spill, or personal safety) contact extension 1999 (Front Gate)

Sick Leave

A copy of the College’s sick leave regulations is provided with every contract of employment.

Please note that sick leave should be notified to Geraldine Quinn either by email at or by telephone 896 2241 on the first day of leave. 

Sexual Harassment and Bullying

Trinity College is committed to supporting the right of all members of the College community to work and study in an environment which is free from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying. Such behaviours can seriously damage working and social conditions for staff and students. Any incidents of harassment involving staff or students of the College are taken seriously and can be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal or expulsion from the College. All staff receive a copy of the College’s policy on Sexual Harassment and Bullying with their contract documents. Further copies and information may be obtained form the Staff Office (ext. 3333).

Day Nursery

The College Day Nursery is located at House 49/50 and is open on weekdays from 8.00am to 5.15pm (early booking advisable). 
For more information please contact the Nursery Supervisor at ext 1938