Clinical Trials

It is time to be optimistic for future clinical trials.  There are at least 15 new compounds in development for ALS/MND

Our clinical trial centre is actively involved in developing new drugs in early and phase trials.

Currently we are enrolling for the REFALS study, sponsored by Orion.

We are participating in the FORTITUDE study, sponsored by Cytokinetics (enrolment close)

FUTURE TRIALS (plans to enrol in the early new year (more details to follow))
TUDCA study funded by the European Commission, sponsored by Humanitas University, Italy.
LIGHTHOUSE II: Investigator funded.   Protocol under development   
Details of a previous trial of this drug can be  found on this website
ADORE:  Oral Edaravone : Protocol under development
PRELUDE : Lithium trial in those with a specific genetic variant: Protocol under development