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Trinity College School of Medicine is an international leader in postgraduate education. The School provides a vibrant environment for postgraduate study, and currently has over 600 registered postgraduate students. The School offers 26 taught MSc/Diploma programmes spanning a broad spectrum of medical and scientific disciplines, and research students work towards the degrees of PhD, MSc, MD or MCh.

Research activities within the School are focused in five major thematic areas, Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience, Human Performance & Physical Medicine, Population Health, and Integrative Medicine and Surgery, and research is conducted in state of the art facilities on the main Trinity campus, and in our affiliated teaching hospitals. There is a major emphasis on Translational Research in the School, where research discoveries made in the laboratory can be advanced to a clinical setting to benefit human health.

Postgraduate activities within the School are co-ordinated by the Postgraduate Teaching and Learning Office; Postgraduate Education in the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences in St. James's Hospital.



Postgraduate Team

School of Medicine, Postgraduate Teaching and Learning Committee PTLC

The membership of PTLC is a drawn from many disciplines in our school and is thus reflective of the rich diversity of education and research within TCD Medicine. The committee is focused on improving the postgraduate teaching and learning experience in our School, be it in postgraduate taught courses or for our postgraduate research students. Applications for prospective MD are also considered by the committee.

The PTLC meets on the third Tuesday of most months.

Dr Catherine Darker(Chair)
Dr Annmarie Bennett
Prof. Roman Romero Ortuno
Dr. Denis Barry
Dr Deirdre Connolly
Prof. Derek Doherty
Prof Jacinta O'Sullivan
Prof. Joanne Lysaght
Dr Jo-Hanna Ivers
Prof. Julie Renwick
Prof. Laura Mullaney
Dr Nicholas Mahony
Dr Nollaig Bourke
Prof. Patrick Walsh
Rasha Shraim
Prof. Ross McManus

Director, PGTL
Associate Director, PhD Studies
Associate Director, MD Studies
Associate Director, Scholarships
Occupational Therapy
Cluster Lead – Biomed & Pharmaceutical Science
Cluster Lead - Mental Health
Clinical Microbiology
Radiation Therapy
Cluster Lead - Imaging and Physical
Cluster Lead - Health and Healthcare
Clinical Medicine
Student Representative
Clinical Medicine

Contact details

The School of Research and Postgraduate Education,
Old Stone Building,
Trinity Centre for Health Sciences,
St. James's Hospital, Dublin 8
Tel: + 353 1 896 3556/3557; E-mail: gradapps@tcd.ie