Researchers may work with other universities, hospitals or health related companies (businesses that develop new diagnostic tests, treatments, medicines, medical devices, for profit (money) in Ireland or abroad so that their work will have a wider impact. Furthermore, this allows researchers to avail of new technologies that will lead to better tests and treatments.

Your sample and data may be shared with other researchers; however, your identity will not be shared as your details will have been given a unique code. Details of collaborations are given in the individual biobank webpage and also in the privacy policy.  As an example, the Gastrointestinal (GI) Biobanks are working with the following health-related companies: Remedy Biologics, aCGT Vector, Legend Biotech, Deciphex and Mirai Medical, who are trying to find new therapies for GI diseases.

The TSBN works closely with patient groups and has a patient representative on the committee. If you are a patient interested in biobanking and want to get involved, please email us on