Welcome to the Discipline of Anatomy

Denis Barry, Head of Discipline

Welcome to the Discipline of Anatomy, at the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin. Anatomy has been taught at Trinity College for over 300 years and remains a cornerstone of medical education.

Our students study anatomy through the integration of human body dissection, radiographic imagery and modern technological resources, all supported by expert academic instruction. This facilitates a mastery of whole-body anatomical knowledge highlighting clinical insights and the professional significance of the discipline across the health sciences. Through our human donor program and its silent teachers, students of anatomy are taught dignity, respect and empathy for the human body, while learning the attributes of professionalism, competence, and compassion for future patient care. This is only made possible by the spirit of generosity of those who donate their bodies to medical education.

As Head of Discipline, I hold the license for anatomical teaching and research at Trinity College Dublin, which is governed by the Irish Medical Council.  Human anatomy is taught to over 800 undergraduate students from all over the world, and this diverse student body enriches the educational experience of all. We teach students of Medicine, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Human Health and Disease, Neuroscience and Radiation Therapy, and postgraduate students undertaking Sports and Exercise Medicine. 

The Discipline supports a broad base of anatomical and life-science research perspectives, with postgraduate research programs in the areas of human anatomical exploration, neuroscience, metabolism, pedagogy, immunology and exercise.

Please take a look through our web pages and for further information please contact Anatomy@tcd.ie

Dr. Denis Barry

Head of Discipline.

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