Research, publications and clinical audit activity within the TCD/HSE General Practice Training Programme

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Breen N. Irish influence on The Temperance movement. BJGP October 2012 p 358
Cunney A, O Kelly F. Housecalls in General Practice. IMJ Oct 2012 105 (9)
Peters J, Young C, O’ Dowd T. Doctors behaviours with antibiotic prescribing. (2012) BJGP June 2012  p 291
DOI:10.3399/bjgp 12X648990.
Redmond P, Darker C, McDonnell M, O’Shea B. Establishing a general practitioner led minor injury service: mixed methods evaluation at 10 months with an emphasis on use of radiology by GPs in the out-of-hours setting. (2012)  Ir J Med Sci  
DOI 10.1007/s11845-012-0860-3.
White A, O’Brien, Houlihan T, Darker C, O’Shea B. (2012). Childhood obesity: Parents fail to recognize. General Practitioners fail to act. Irish Medical Journal, 105 (1), 7-10.
Redmond P, O'Shea B, Crowe M, 'Not another UTI ... ' (2012); Age and Ageing; 
doi: 10.1093/ageing/afs
Duffy S, Darker C, O’Shea B, Conlon T & Hollywood B. (2011). New developments in service delivery. Are GP led sexual health clinics acceptable and satisfactory for patients attending? Irish Medical Journal, 104 (3), 71-73.
Floyd S, O’Shea B & Darker C. (2011). General practitioners experience in dietary counselling: poor access to dietetic services. Irish Medical Journal, 104, (2). 
McMahon D, Darker C, O’Shea B & Taaffe. (2010). The prescribing of contraception and emergency contraception to girls aged less than 16 – what are the views and beliefs of GPs and of parents? Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland, 16(2), 91-96.
Teahan M, Good JA, O’Shea B. (2006) Is pre-conceptual advice effective in improving use of pre conceptual folic acid ? IMJ 99, 8, p247 (2006)
Riney S, O'Shea B, Ford A. (2009) Etonogestrel implant as a contraceptive choice; patient acceptability and adverse effect profile in a GP setting. Irish Medical Journal 102 no 1, p 24

Non-peer Reviewed Publications:

Cox, AM. (2011). Meeting the guidelines on statin prescribing. Forum, August, 19-20.
Hunter, N. (2010). Streets of Dublin – the other side of the story. Forum, August.
Redmond, P. (2010). Remembering the value of making house calls. Forum, February.
Ryan, J. Williams, C. (2009). Defining mental capacity and power of attorney. Forum, March 2009.
O’ Kelly M, O Kelly FD, O Ciardha D.  Report of a National Survey of GP Trainees 2012. (Departmental Publication)

Research 4th Years 2011-2012 cohort:

Bailey O, Getty C & Brennan B. Delayed prescribing of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections:  Do information leaflets influence the use of antibiotics?
Brennan, B. Think Ahead: Pilot study on use of an information pack to assist Patients, Carers, and GPs with end of life planning. (Submitted IMJ)
Lawless L, Barragry R.  A quantitative analysis of GP consultations in an Irish training practice.
O’Toole J, Hambly R, Cox AM.Chronic Disease and Health Service Utilisation among Patients on Methadone Treatment in Primary Care: A matched control group design.
O’Sullivan, C. Establishing the usefulness of pulse oximetry in general practice.

Research Projects 4th years - 2010-2011 cohort:

Agnew, J. Delayed prescribing of antibiotics for respiratory tract infections: Do information leaflets influence patient use of antibiotics?
Ansbro, E. I can promise you no pain: Irish GPs’ attitudes to providing palliative care in the community.
Dagg, G. Alcohol screening and brief interventions in a primary care setting.
Flanaghan, E. Bridging the gap: A review of a mobile health clinical for homeless people and street working women.
Flynn, J. Screening for COPD in primary care using desktop spirometry.
Gleeson, C. You get your bowl of ice-cream if you eat your dinner. Parental influences on children’s eating habits and weight.
Magee, F. Survey of GPs regarding teaching of medical students in practice.
McCallion, J. Telephone calls in an Irish general practice setting – An ‘invisible’ contribution to our workload?
Mitchell, C. Problems associated with obesity in a Kildare GP practice.
Mullane, S. Parental acceptance of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination programme.
Redmond, P. Establishing a general practice led minor injury service: Mixed methods evaluation of aspects of the service.

Research Projects 4th year - 2009-2010 cohort

Byrne M. PPI prescribing in general practice.
Colgan L.  Survey of Irish general practitioners attitudes towards the Swine flu pandemic.
Daly J.  Assessment of community based palliative care services by primary care physicians in Ireland.
Doyle S. Exploring adolescents attitudes to seeking help from their GP in the context of personal emotional difficulties.
Duffy S. New developments in service delivery: Are GP led community based sexual health clinics acceptable and satisfactory for patients attending?
Floyd S. General practitioners beliefs and involvement in dietary counselling in the primary care setting in Ireland.
Harris E.  An audit of antibiotics prescribing in an Irish general practice.
McMahon D.  The prescribing of contraception and emergency contraception to girls aged less than 16-what are the views and beliefs or GPs and also of parents?
O’Brien C. Patients’ attitudes to the internet and health information.
O’Driscoll C. An audit cycle in diabetic care in general practice.
Ryan J. Vitamin D levels within the community.
Swarbrigg C.  Anti-coagulation service in general practice – audit cycle 1.

Research Projects 4th years - 2008-2009 cohort:

Blake B. Use and outcomes of delayed prescribing in an Irish general practice setting.
Casey J. Earlier systematic intervention on tobacco use is acceptable in children and younger adolescents: Audit from an inner city general practice.
Fay G. Should thyroid function be measure as part of routine antenatal care in general practice?
Gallagher R.  A survey of current practice in screening for Chlamydia infection prior to insertion of the Levonorgestrol Intra-Uterine System.
Getty S. Vitamin D supplementation in infants.
Moloney C. Is renal disease being effectively screened or and managed in our Type 2 diabetic clinic?
Moore O. Audit cycle – aspects of Type 2 diabetes management in a training practice.
Murphy C.  A study of patients at an out of hours co-operative and is it used appropriately?
Stuart E.  Time – the great healer? An investigation of appointment time lengths and patient satisfaction in an Irish general practice.
O’Boyle C.  A study of weaning practices evident in babies attending at the 4 and 6 month immunization visit.
White A.  Childhood obesity in Ireland – parents fail to recognise. General Practitioners fail to act?

Clinical audit 3rd years 2011-2012 cohort:

Breen N.  To identify whether the North Strand & Bayside GP practice is meeting the gold standard guidelines with respect to smoking cessation advice and intervention.
Doorley E.  Is our practice meeting gold standard guidelines on the prescribing of antibiotics for self-limiting respiratory tract infections in children aged 3 months to 1 year.
Kilrane H.  Is our practice meeting GINA guidelines on: 1. assessing and documenting control in asthmatic children aged 5-12; 2. are we giving parents an Asthma Action Plan as per GINA guidelines?; and 3.  are we assessing children’s compliance of their asthmatic medications?
Loy A.  Is our practice meeting gold standard guidelines for the prescribing of proton pump inhibitors?
O’Faolain M.  Is our Practice meeting guideline on the use of eGFR to monitor renal function in known cardiovascular patients?
O’Giollagain C.  Is our practice meeting gold standard guidelines on the screening of Haemachromatosis in at risk patient groups such as diabetics?
MacEoin S.  Is our practice meeting standards on the prescribing of Non- Steroidal Antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) on repeat prescription in high-risk patients?
McAnallen S.  Is our Practice meeting Gold Standard guidelines on the monitoring of liver function tests after commencement of statin therapy for hypercholesterolaemia?
Molloy D.  Is our practice meeting NICE guidelines in relation to how patients should have their LFTs monitored when on statin therapy?
Ni Argain K. s our practice meeting gold standard guidelines on the monitoring of patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? Is shared practice nurse/ doctor care of diabetic patients in our practice working?
Soden L. Is our practice obtaining and recording adequate baseline observations/data on our patients during their first visit to the practice?
Young C. Prevention of childhood obesity:  Are we detecting at risk children?

Clinical audit 3rd years 2010-2011 cohort:

Bailey O. Audit of LFTs monitoring in patients on statins in our practice.
Barragry R. Audit to assess the safety and quality of statin prescribing for primary prevention.
Brennan B. Is our Practice meeting Gold Standard guidelines on the monitoring of renal function following commencement of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors and/or Angiotensin Receptor Blockers?
Cox AM. An audit of statin prescribing in our practice – are we meeting guidelines?
Getty C. Audit of the frequency of thyroid function testing in patients on L-Thyroxine (Eltroxin) for Hypothyroidism.
Hambly R. Audit of the level of pneumococcal and influenza vaccination among type 2 diabetics.
Lawless L. Cardiovascular risk assessment of patients presenting with erectile dysfunction.
Martin D. Audit of the monitoring of thyroid function tests of patients prescribed thyroxine in the practice.
McElwee O. Audit of the level of depression screening in pregnant women.
O’Toole J. Audit of the use of microscopy, culture and sensitivity of midstream urine samples in the diagnosis of simple urinary tract infection.
O’Leary F. Antibiotic usage for Simple Urinary tract infections in women – Are GP’s adhering to the correct guidelines?
O’Sullivan C. Are we documenting our Travel Medicine Consultations?

Clinical audit 3rd years 2009-2010 cohort:

Agnew J. Audit of antibiotic treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection in females in our practice.
Ansbro E. Is our practice meeting recently published guidelines on care of patients with Type 2 diabetes?
Dagg G. Audit of the level of uptake of the influenza vaccine in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. Comparing the year 2008 with uptake in 2009 after implementation of change.
Flanaghan E. Audit of ECGs performed for hypertensive patients in our practice.
Gleeson C. Audit of the level of screening for post-natal depression in our practice.
Grant J. Audit of the percentage of patients with hypothyroidism who have had their TFTs performed in the last 12 months.
Magee F. Audit of proportion of patients in our practice over the age of 65 who have had pneumococcal vaccine.
McCallion J. Audit of the level of documentation of smoking status in women being prescribed oral contraceptive pills in our practice.
McDonald C. Audit of the number of Type 2 diabetic patients on an ACE inhibitor in our practice.
Mullane S. Audit of the level of blood pressure measurement in the 50 to 60 year age-group in our practice population.
Redmond P. Audit the prescribing of clopidogrel in our practice.