Our Research

There are several research themes within the discipline which are collaborative across several disciplines. The discipline lead several research consortium including CERVIVA and INNOVATION and are collaborative partners on other National and International research consortia including the Prostate Cancer Research Consortium [PCRC] and the OncoNetwork. 

Research Themes

HPV - associated Cancers CERVIVA
Gynaecological Cancers
Lung and Prostate Cancer
Thyroid Cancer
Head and Neck Cancer (non-thyroid)
Gastric Cancer
Cancer Metastasis
Cancer Stem Cells
Next Generation Sequencing

For More information on the research themes, click here. 

Research Facilities:Research is currently based across three sites; The Molecular Pathology Research Laboratory, located in The Coombe Women's Hospital, Sir Patrick Dun Research Laboratory, located in St. James's Hospital and the Trinity Translational Medicine Institute at St James’s Hospital.

The state-of-the-art molecular laboratories across the three sites are equipped with the latest molecular technologies including: for next generation sequencing, the Ion Torrent PGM and Ion Chef;  for CTC Isolation and characterisation, the Clearbridge ClearCell FX1, the BD Focus and Melody flow cytometer; for SNP and gene expression analysis, Affymetrix GeneChip Technology and Life Technologies Real Time PCR  instruments; for HPV diagnostics, the Cobas 4800 HPV platform (Roche), the Panther Platform (Hologic), BD Onclarity HPV Assay Viper (Becton Dickinson), and HPV genotyping  tests; for Immunocytochemistry, the automated Ventana XT Benchmark immunostainer and an Aperio digital microscope; cell culture facilities, a laser Capture Microscope (Arcturus XT) and a tissue microarrayer.