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Welcome to the Health Assets and Needs Assessment (HANA) Project, Round 3 – a Tallaght based health survey looking at shaping the health and wellbeing of the community.  

Looking at the Past: Rounds 1 and 2 

In 2001 and 2014, the HANA Project carried out surveys of health and wellbeing in 13 electoral divisions of Tallaght. We looked at topics including demographics, health status, chronic illness, physical activity, use of healthcare and community services and amenities in Tallaght. 

We invited primary carers to share their thoughts. Letters were sent to randomly selected households, leading to the participation of 420 households representing over 1,000 individuals. 

Community Benefits from Previous Rounds 

The impact of Rounds 1 and 2 recommendations has been significant resulting in many new and improved healthcare services for Tallaght.  

  1. Community Radiology Unit in Tallaght Cross:                                                                                                      A new radiology unit has been set up in Tallaght Cross. This unit provides services like x-rays, ultrasounds, DEXA scans, CT, and MRI, making healthcare more accessible for everyone.
  2. TLC 'Out-of-Hours' Doctors' Services:                                                                                                                  Doctors have extended their hours and enhanced access through the TLC 'out-of-hours' service. This means you can get better healthcare, even outside regular hours.
  3. Funding for Local Sports Partnerships:                                                                                                                  Thanks to funding from Healthy Ireland, South Dublin County Council is supporting local sports partnerships, supporting active lifestyles in our community.
  4. ExWell Medical:                                                                                                                                               ExWell Medical was set up to offer supervised exercise classes designed for those with long-term illnesses. It is making a real difference in the health of those that take part. 
  5. Health Facilities at Tallaght University Hospital (TUH):                                                                                        Health needs were identified, leading to new facilities at TUH. This includes Psychiatry, Cardiology, Disability Memory services, and extra staff for Chronic Disease Management and Acute Frailty Units – designed with your care in mind. 
  6. Integrated Care Programme for Older Persons (ICPOP):                                                                                      ICPOP at TUH started in 2016, focuses on managing care for older individuals with complex needs. This ensures a complete approach to healthcare. 

 Round 3: Shaping Tomorrow 

In collaboration with the Health Service Executive, Adelaide Health Foundation, Tallaght University Hospital, Child Development Initiative, South Dublin County Council and South Dublin County Partnership, Round 3 is dedicated to furthering these improvements in the community. 

Our Focus: 

This round is dedicated to reviewing developments in healthcare, sport and hobby facilities, and community amenities. We want to understand your opinions on the services needed to continue building a healthy Tallaght. 

Your Voice Matters: 

Between May and July 2024, letters will be sent to households across Tallaght inviting participation. We have contracted Ipsos-MRBI to do the field work data collection. A person from Ipsos-MRBI will call to the households that an invitation letter has been sent to and conduct a face-to-face interview with the primary carer of that household. Your opinion matters, and this is your opportunity to ensure it is represented in the upcoming report, to help guide healthcare planners.  

Your Decision: 

Participation is entirely voluntary, and we respect your decision. We're here to provide all the information you need, ensuring you make a decision that's right for you. If you have any questions, please contact us! 

Join us in shaping the future of Tallaght. Together, let's build a healthier, stronger, and more connected community. Your voice matters – be a part of the HANA Project, Round 3. 

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