Student Prizes

Donal Hollywood Prize

The Donal Hollywood prize is given in the memory of Professor Donal Hollywood, former Marie Curie Professor of Clinical Oncology at Trinity College and head of the academic unit of Clinical and Molecular Oncology, who passed away in 2013. Professor Hollywood was instrumental in reforming the cancer services in Ireland, and chaired the National Expert Group on Radiation Oncology, which published its report in 2003, which subsequently became known as the Hollywood report. The Donal Hollywood prize is presented to the best undergraduate thesis submitted as part of the Senior Sophister year for the degree of BSc in Radiation Therapy.

Olive Fleming Medal

The Olive Fleming medal is given to the student with the highest overall mark in the clinical component of the Senior Sophister year.

St. Luke’s Prize

The St. Luke’s Prize is awarded to the Senior Sophister student with the highest overall degree award in the undergraduate BSc degree in Radiation Therapy.


Olive Fleming Memorial Prize: Theresa Devine

Donal Hollywood Medal: Abbie Reynolds

St. Luke’s Prize: Keeva Moran


Olive Fleming Memorial Prize: Seda Papazyan

Donal Hollywood Medal: Ryan Paisley

St. Luke’s Prize: Carol Marks


Olive Fleming Memorial Prize: Clodagh Keely

Donal Hollywood Medal: Orla Newell

St. Luke’s Prize: Aishling Hynes


Olive Fleming Memorial Prize: Emily Clarke

Donal Hollywood Medal: Emily Clarke

St. Luke’s Prize: Emily Clarke


Olive Fleming Memorial Prize: Aisling O’Gorman

Donal Hollywood Medal: On Chin Leng

St. Luke’s Prize: Gavin Connolly