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Molecular Medicine

In second year lectures are given by a number of academic, clinical and medical research specialists with prominent expertise in their areas.  The students will also be provided with an opportunity to carry out small group projects on the grounds of the biomedical research facilities of Trinity Translational Medicine Institute (TTMI) at St. James’s Hospital Campus, TCD.  Additional tutorials dealing with specific aspects of the module can be arranged by request.  Self-study hours are expected to be determined individually by the students.  If required, the students will be provided with additional explanatory comments and self-study resources by the lecturers in their relevant subjects.

The overall objective of this module is to empower students with the knowledge of the essential aspects of pathological processes and molecular mechanisms of disease development, and to enable them to apply this information in a clinical environment for improved diagnostic approaches and better treatment of the patients.

Recent years have witnessed a rapid accumulation of knowledge in the molecular basis of human diseases, giving rise to molecular medicine as a discipline which provides an insight into the development mechanisms of pathological processes at molecular level.  Molecular medicine continuously supplies new powerful tools for diagnostics, therapeutic drug development, ethiotropic and pathogenetic treatment of a wide range of ailments, including some which were previously considered incurable. 


Title Name
Professor of Molecular & Translational Medicine (Clinical Medicine) Yuri Volkov
Assistant Professor (Histopathology) Cara Martin
Professor Biochemistry Andrew Bowie
Clinical Professor/Consultant Haematologist Paul Browne
Associate Professor Consultant (Histopathology) Stephen Finn
Clinical Senior Lecturer in Cardiology (Clinical Medicine) Ross Murphy
Adjunct Assistant Professor (Histopathology) Sean O’Briain
Professor Consultant (Histopathology) John O'Leary
Consultant Paediatric Pathologist/Clinic (Histopathology) Maureen O’Sullivan
Ussher Assistant Professor (Clinical Medicine) Adriele Prina-Mello
Professor (Histopathology) Orla Sheils
Associate Professor (Pharmacology & Therapeutics) Paul Spiers
Assistant Professor (Psychiatry) Daniela Tropea
Asst Prof in Molecular Medicine (Clinical Medicine) Henry Windle