Welcome to the Discipline of Immunology

Professor Derek Doherty, Professor In / Head of Immunology (Immunology)Derek Doherty

The Department of Immunology (School of Medicine), located in St. James's Hospital, provides a diagnostic and clinical service to St. James’s and Tallaght Hospitals, carries out laboratory research in immunology, and provides teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The clinical areas of expertise include autoimmune disease, primary immunodeficiencies, allergy, vasculitic and connective tissue disorders. Ongoing research includes basic studies on the biology of human innate T cells (natural killer T cells, gamma/delta T cells and mucosal-associated invariant T cells), and the roles of innate T cells, dendritic cells, B cells and antibodies in HIV infection, sepsis, autoimmune disease, neonatal brain damage, immunodeficiency and cancer.