Bioinformatics and Biostatistics

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The Bioinformatics and Biostatistics Group provide collaborative support for the ongoing projects within the Neuropsychiatric Genetics Research Group. In addition, members of the group also perform independent research that is focused primarily on complex-trait genomic analysis but also in other areas of neuropsychiatric research that require bioinformatic and biostatistical expertise (for example clinical trials). Members of the group are also involved in teaching in the field of bioinformatics and biostatistics.

As the field of genomics is rapidly advancing, and as more and more datasets of ever-increasing size and complexity are being probed, we are constantly evolving and growing as a group. If you are interested in the work of the group or joining the group please do get in touch directly with one or more of the members below.

In addition, Bioinformatics and biostatistics group members are attempting to identify those markers that are true findings and limit those that are false-positives;

  1. exploring areas of common bias in GWAS datasets
  2. applying novel ranking routines for GWAS findings
  3. developing statistical analysis routines for GWAS datasets
  4. modelling association at the gene and biological pathway level
  5. apply evidence-based medicine approaches to GWAS and other genetic epidemiology studies to reduce and limit known biases
  6. examine copy-number variation in common disorders such as Autism

You will find here sections on some of the common protocols used in our lab in addition to talks and demonstrations of some bioinformatics methods.

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- Download a video of what to do (AVI 74.23 MB)


Bioinformatics educational talks

(1) Bioinformatics-techniques-COD-EK-Nov07.ppt (nov '07) (PPT 363 kB)

- DEMO: get_HapMap_SNPs

- DEMO: get_HM_SNPs_vs_HaploView

- DEMO: ld_expander

- DEMO: stata_on_WGA

- DEMO: tk_notebook

- DEMO: tk_notebook_searching

- DEMO: vim - command line text editing

(2) STATA_BC_PLINK.RJLA.NOV2007.ppt (nov '07) (PPT 3.77 MB)

talk and (ZIP 4.34 MB)