Weekend Staff Parking

For a Weekend Parking Permit please complete the Weekend Parking Permit Application Form. The form can be found here.

Staff applying for a Weekend Parking Permit are required to have one year remaining on their contract from the day of the application. Please provide your staff card or a confirmation letter from HR.

Issuing of parking permits is subject to availability within the Board approved space:permit ratio of 0.24. If this ratio has been exceeded, applicants will be put on a waiting list and informed when a permit is available.

Vehicles are admitted on condition that the Provost, Fellows and Scholars of Trinity College Dublin shall not be held liable for loss or damage to any vehicle, nor to anything in, on or about the vehicle however such loss or damage may be caused.

Staff members wishing to apply for a parking permit must supply the following information:

  • Copy of the Driving Licence
  • Copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Copy of the Insurance Certificate
  • A fully completed Weekend Parking Permit Application Form
  • If the person is unable to provide the Registration Certification because it is a new car they should be able to provide a proof of ownership document, which they will have received from the garage

Change of details:

If you have changed car, you must change the details on your permit. You need to bring along the following to Estates & Facilities:

  • Your old Parking Permit
  • Your new Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • A valid Insurance Certificate
  • A completed Non-Registered Owner Form if applicable
  • A fully completed Change of Car Details Form

Weekend Parking Permit Applications are accepted by post or can be delivered in person to Estates and Facilities Service Centre at 194 Pearse Street for processing.

Parking Permit applications should be submitted to the Estates and Facilities Service Centre, 194 Pearse Street, College together with a copy of your driving licence, registration certificate and non-registered owner form if you are not the registered owner of the car.

All permit holders should be familiar with the Traffic Regulations and the Infringement of Traffic Regulations.

If you are interested in applying for a Weekend Parking Permit please go to this link.