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Mission Statement

The mission of the Trinity Health Kidney Centre is to deliver excellent, efficient and innovative clinical care to our patients in the Dublin Midlands hospital grouping and beyond, and to lead discovery in the field of kidney disease research in Ireland.

To achieve this, the individual institutions comprising the Trinity Health Kidney Centre and their staff are committed to working together in a spirit of collaboration in order:

  • to continue as a multidisciplinary kidney team to provide the best possible disease prevention and healthcare to our patients
  • to focus our health and medical research efforts on excellence and on rapid translation of findings into the clinical setting
  • to establish an environment of research excellence that will attract researchers of the highest calibre from across Ireland and internationally
  • to identify and exploit synergies between our various activities, maximising cooperation and avoiding inefficiencies
  • to provide our clinical and non-clinical staff with the best possible working environment with a view to supporting existing staff and assisting in recruiting the high quality new staff
  • to deliver a coordinated, student-focused and student-responsive Nephrology education programme to both undergraduates and postgraduates

We would like you to feel both welcome and supported as a patient of the Kidney Service at Tallaght Hospital and St James’s Hospitals.

Introduction to the Clinical Service for Patients

The Trinity Health Kidney Centre currently caters for a population in excess of half a million people in the Dublin-Midlands hospital group.  It also attracts referrals from counties Kildare, Meath, Westmeath, Offaly and areas of North Tipperary. 

We provide education to our patients so that we can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimise the complications of kidney disease. We treat patients who develop kidney disease with Renal Replacement Therapy, either haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Patients are fully educated by our nursing and medical staff about the benefits and the problems related to each prior to commencing either treatment. Haemodialysis patients are treated on an outpatient basis in the hospital, a satellite dialysis unit or in their own home. Peritoneal dialysis patients carry out their treatment in their own home. Dialysis patients are prepared for a kidney transplant where appropriate.  Recipients of a transplant are cared for in our outpatient clinics.

A support network of Specialist Nurses, Clinical Nutritionists, Social Workers and access to occupational therapy and physiotherapy complement our service.  The Centre prides itself on its multi-disciplinary team based approach to the management of many problems associated with kidney disease. 

Aerial View of Tallaght Hospital

Meet the Clinical Team

Medical Care is supervised by your Consultant Nephrologist. You will most likely be under the care of this Consultant for the duration of your medical care.

Consultant Hospital Doctors. This team consist of (in order of seniority):
Specialist Registrar or Registrar – x6 in total
Senior House Office (SHO)

Doctors are assigned to one of five areas within the Renal Service on a rotating basis:

  • Haemodialysis Unit
  • Osborne Ward/CAPD Unit
  • Wards other than Osborne
  • Tallaght General Medical (which is not directly part of the Renal Service)
  • St James’s site

On being referred to our service, you will initially be assessed by a Non-Consultant Hospital Doctor.

For those on Dialysis, medical charts are regularly reviewed by Consultant with the multi-disciplinary team.

Staff Uniforms (Tallaght Hospital):

Clinical Nurse Managers Blue and white stripped uniform
Staff Nurses  Light blue uniform
Student Nurse  White/navy spotted uniform
Haemodialysis Staff Blue scrubs or nursing uniforms
Phlebotomist   White uniform
Physiotherapist    White and navy uniform
Occupational Therapist White and green uniform
Ward Attendant Purple stripe/grey/white uniform
Kitchen Staff Green uniform
Cleaning Staff Blue uniform