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Teaching of medical students takes place from the first to the final medical year.  A series of 12 lectures, as part of the Infection and Immunity module, is given to the second year students, explaining the scientific basis of Immunology and its relevance to health and medicine. The Immunology Department also hosts a number of second year medical students laboratory doing research projects.  In the following year, a further series of lectures is delivered to the third year class, incorporated into the Pathology course. First and third year medical students also learn about global diseases, immunisation and global determinants of health and development through series of lectures and workshops contributed by the Immunology Department.  In the final medical year, teaching is delivered in the format of clinical instruction in the hospital. 

Undergraduate teaching is also delivered by way of lectures and supervision of laboratory research projects to junior and senior sophister science students taking BSc and BA Mod courses in Microbiology, Molecular Medicine, Human Health and Disease and Biochemistry/Immunology.