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TCD IAEA Webinar

E-PRO Empowering European Patients in Radiation Oncology- health professionals and citizens working together

The purpose of this information session was to provide an overview of citizen involvement in the research project ‘Empowering European Patients in Radiation Oncology’ (E-PRO), funded by EIT Health.

Michelle Leech and Claire Poole, from the Discipline of Radiation Therapy at Trinity College, alongside patient advocates, held an online even on the 27th of November for Citizens' Information Evening.

During this webinar, you will hear directly from a cancer patient advocate, who herself was successfully treated for her cancer with radiation therapy and who contributed to this project. The session will also explain how the research team at Trinity have engaged with the wider public and citizens worldwide to develop a project that has improved the treatment experience of cancer patients.

Patient experiences and needs are a core focus of this project. Researchers from both the European Cancer Patients Coalition and Trinity College will describe how citizens can get involved in their projects.


This free online course is open to cancer patients, their family members and friends who are interested in learning more about radiation therapy as a treatment for cancer. Healthcare professionals outside of the field of radiation oncology are also very welcome to join this course. Trinity academics in radiation therapy have come together with experts  to demystify radiation therapy as a cancer treatment. The course explores radiation therapy as a cancer treatment through the experience of two patient advocates who tell their stories of radiation therapy as a treatment.

At the end of this two week course learners will be able to:

  • Describe the role of radiation oncology in managing cancer
  • Identify the radiation therapy patient pathway
  • Recognise the roles of the health care professionals involved in radiation therapy
  • Discuss the safe use of radiation therapy in cancer care
  • Explain the basic science behind radiation therapy
  • Describe state of the art radiation therapy, such as personalised medicine
  • Discuss upcoming biological and technological developments in radiation therapy

Register today on Futurelearn, the social learning platform, to access this free online course.


World Cancer Day Discipline of Radiation Therapy

Staff and students of the Discipline of Radiation Therapy recently took part in a social media campaign to highlight the Union for International Cancer Control’s World Cancer day, held every year on 4th of February. World Cancer Day aims to save millions of deaths annually by raising awareness and education about cancer, and promoting initiatives aimed at prevention and control of disease.