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Practice Education

Practice education is a core component of the Occupational Therapy degree programme at Trinity College Dublin. Practice education provides students with opportunities to integrate theory and practice across a range of settings. It equips students with the skills required to graduate as competent entry-level therapists and to practice in an evolving and increasingly dynamic healthcare system. The practice education component of the undergraduate occupational therapy degree places importance on self-directed learning. Students are encouraged to seek out and engage with new and emerging fields in occupational therapy practice.

The practice education modules on the BSc Occupational Therapy programme at TCD have been designed to meet both national and international requirements. These include the following:

Therapy Project Office documents

Placement Schedule

The Occupational Therapy degree programme at Trinity College Dublin is a four year full-time course and students engage with practice education in each year of the course. In order to comply with World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) regulations, students are required to complete successfully 1,000 hours of supervised practice education. By the end of the fourth year of the undergraduate programme, each student will have completed at least 1,000 hours of assessed practice education. 

Year of study



Junior Fresh (First year)


2 weeks

Senior Fresh (Second year)


8 weeks

Junior Sophister (Third year)


11 weeks

Senior Sophister (Fourth year)


11 weeks