Resource Kits

The resource kits act as a support tool for both the Practice Educator and the student and should be used to facilitate best practice in practice education and to provide direction in the case of queries/concerns.

The resource kits support the implementation of the Practice Education Handbook which includes further details on all TCD Practice Education related information. Please refer to the Practice Education Handbook for further detail.

Resource Kits Graphic showing 3 sections: Preparation, Maintenance and Review


Practice Education Handbook 

The Practice Education handbook is an informative and comprehensive resource which details all relevant Practice Education related information for all stakeholders. The handbook is updated on a yearly basis and is an invaluable piece of pre-reading for placement and a useful resource throughout the placement process. All resources outlined in the resource kits below are also available in the handbook. As a student or PE preparing for an upcoming placement, we advised that this is your first reference point. Please find PE handbook available here.

Practice Educator training

A variety of basic and advanced training is provided by the Trinity College Practice Education Team on a yearly basis. Information relating to same is sent to all placement sites in advance and registration operates under first come first serve basis. If you have questions relating to upcoming training, please link directly with  or

Learning Style Questionnaire

It is beneficial to acknowledge and appreciate your own learning style as well as that of the student in order to maximise the student’s learning. Prior to the student commencing his/her placement it is recommended to complete the Honey & Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire. This questionnaire is available online for completion.

Placement Planning Document

Roles and Responsibilities of PE

Practice Educator Pre-placement administrative checklist

Blackboard Review – PPE module content and all relevant/other Curriculum Material 

Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

SStudent Post Placement Administrative Checklist 

CPD Portfolio Guidelines

Placement Induction Checklist

Student Induction/Orientation Guidelines

Template for Student Induction Handbook