Conference: World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, 2023

Dissecting the contributions of rare and common genetic variation to neurodevelopmental  outcomes

Thomas Dinneen, Ciara J. Molloy, Freddy Cliquet, Claire S. Leblond, Thomas Bourgeron, Jennifer Cooke, Eva Loth, Jan K. Buitelaar, Lorna M. Lopez, Louise Gallagher



Conference: American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Meeting, 2022

Ciara J. Molloy


Conference: World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics 2022

The Impact of Additional Rare and Common Genetic Variants to ND-CNV Carrier Cognitive Outcomes

Thomas J Dinneen, George Kirov, Lorna M Lopez, Louise Gallagher, 2022, European Neuropsychopharmacology.


Conference: Irish Society of Human Genetics 2021

P03. A review of the cognitive impact of neuropsychiatric risk associated copy number variants

Ciara Quigley, Ciara Molloy, Louise Gallagher

Conference: World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, 2021

W15. Determining the Clinical Utility of Gene Panels in Autism: A Study of Diagnostic Yield, Relevance and Penetrance

Fiana Ní GhrálaighThomas J. DinneenEllen McCarthyDaniel N. MurphyLouise GallagherLorna Lopez 


Conference: Irish Society of Human Genetics, 2021

Clinical and functional impact of second CNV hits in autism

RM Walsh, Thomas Dinneen, Louise Gallagher, IRISH JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE.

Conference: College of Psychiatrist Ireland Winter Conference 2021

A cross-sectional study investigating sleep difficulties on internalising and externalising problems in autistic patients

Jin Zhe Ang, Thomas Dinneen, Richard Anney, Louise Gallagher


Conference: Irish Society of Human Genetics 2020

OP07. A NRXN1 deletion phenotype: characterization of cognition and brain structure

Ciara J Molloy, Jacqueline E Fitzgerald, Niam McDevitt, Matthew O'Sullivan, Maryam Al-Shehhi, Richard Reilly, Sally Ann Lynch, Sanbing Shen, Louise Gallagher


Conference: European Congress of Neuropharmacology, 2020

P.109 Antipsychotics cause the development of an inflammatory phenotype: a 12-month longitudinal study

Karen Conlon, Louise Gallagher, Andrew Hogan, Jane McGrath


Conference: World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, 2020:

The Contribution of Other hits in ND-CNV Carriers to ASD-related Psychiatric Outcomes, Thomas J. Dinneen, George Kirov, Lorna M. Lopez, Louise Gallagher.

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