Namdiatream - July 2010 - July 2014

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NAMDIATReaM is a truly interdisciplinary and Pan-European consortium that builds around 7 High-Tech SMEs, 2 Multinational industries and 13 academic institutions. NAMDIATREAM has successfully developed a nanotechnology-based toolkit to enable early detection and imaging of molecular biomarkers of the most common cancer types (breast, lung and prostate cancer) and of cancer metastases, as well as permitting the identification of cells indicative of early-stage disease onset. The project is built on the innovative technology concepts of super-sensitive “lab-on-a-bead”, “lab-on-a-chip” and “lab-on-a-wire” nano-devices.


  • 3 major international scientific conferences organised
  • 290 scientific contributions as invited/active participants
  • 20 workshops (13 scientific / 7 trade fair)
  • 140 peer-review articles/proceedings/book chapters published
  • 5 patents / 2 products



Project Title
Nanotechnological toolkits for multi-modal disease diagnostics and treatment monitoring - NAMDIATREAM

NAMDIATREAM will develop a cutting edge nanotechnology-based toolkit for multi-modal detection of biomarkers of most common cancer types and cancer metastases, permitting identification of cells indicative of early disease onset in a high-specificity and throughput format in clinical, laboratory and point-of-care devices.

The project is built on the innovative concepts of super-sensitive and highly specific "lab-on-a-bead", "lab-on-a-chip" and "lab-on-a-wire" nano-devices utilizing photoluminescent, plasmonic, magnetic and non-linear optical properties of nanomaterials. This offers groundbreaking advantages over present technologies in terms of stability, sensitivity, time of analysis, probe multiplexing, assay miniaturisation and reproducibility. The ETP in Nanomedicine documents point out that nanotechnology has yet to deliver practical solutions for patients and clinicians in their struggle against common, socially and economically important diseases such as cancer. Over 3.2M new cases and 1.7M cancer-related deaths are registered in Europe every year, largely because diagnostic methods have insufficient levels of sensitivity, limiting their potential for early disease identification.

Principal Investigator
Prof. Yuri Volkov
Funding Agency
European Commission
Date from
July 2010
Date to
July 2014
NAMDIATREAM presented at "Cluster Targeted Nanopharmaceuticals and Diagnostics European Union" (3rd November 2010) Brussels, Organised by the European Commission Research Directorate-General.

NAMDIATREAM- Prof. Yuri Volkov officially presented the outline of the FP7 Large NMP project in front of the European Commissioners for DG RTD, DG SANCO, NMP, the representative for EMEA, the participating at the European Technology Platform of Nanomedicine executive board, and industrial partners General Assembly (Milan 14th -15th October 2010

Prof. Gou'ko also presented his group's latest research findings at the meeting

Details of the event can be found at: Events - ETPN ( Programme available at: Events - ETPN (



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