The Dissection Theatre

The state of the art Dissection Theatre features an Integrated Medical Audio Visual (AV) system. 
Imagery plays an important part in medicine and anatomy.  The advanced audio visual system installed in the dissection theatre allows for the recording, editing, storage and retrieval of images relevant to teaching and research.  DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) is the hospital grade system used to secure donor privacy and data security.  This system protects donor confidentiality and teaches students real hospital environment best practice procedures.

Overview of the Integrated Medical AV system

All video and audio routing is point to point and point to multipoint between all connected devices. The system has the flexibility to accommodate the linking in of compatible ultrasound and endoscopic equipment.

An in-built video conferencing (VC) system allows for connection in high definition to other VC devices and also has the capacity to connect to desktop computers and smartphones.  Simultaneous connections can be made to 4 external sites.

Room Capacity

The dissection theatre holds 12 student stations and 1 tutor station.  The room accommodates approximately 96 students at a ratio of 8 students per station.

Student Stations

Each student workstation features a ceiling pendant with operating theatre light, high definition video camera and a 19” medical monitor plus a 42” professional reference wall display.  Omni-directional microphones are installed in the end of the ceiling pendant in each station which facilitates communication with the tutor.  All equipment in each station is operated within the station but can be controlled from the tutor station via a touch panel.

Tutor Station

As well as the above components, the tutor station has a 42” annotator screen.  In addition, a computer and a video/dvd/blue ray player are located in this area.  The tutor can communicate with students via a portable head-phone which is connected into ceiling mounted speakers throughout the room.


Research Laboratory

The anatomy research laboratory can accommodate up to 3 researchers.  Equipment in this laboratory includes a Brunel Microscope capable of recording images and 2 dedicated computers.  Mobile TRILUX Aurinio LED Examination Lights are available for task lighting.