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Trinity College Dublin as the oldest University in Ireland boasts a rich history and has played a major role in the evolution of Irish Medical Teaching not least in the field of Surgery. The medical school at Trinity was established in 1700. Many graduates of the medical school Trinity College Dublin have become famous throughout the world for their contributions to to the practice of Surgery.

Professors of Surgery

Robert William Smith: Professor of Surgery 1849-1873

Robert Smith, Surgeon to Sir Patrick Duns Hospital was appointed the first chair of Surgery at Trinity College when it was established in 1847. Today Robert Smith is remembered in the wrist fracture which he described and continues to bear his name. Smith was interested in many aspects of pathology and was a central figure in the foundation of the Pathological Society of Dublin 1838. Abraham Colles was also a founding member of the society.

Edward Hallaran Bennett: Professor of Surgery 1873-1906

Edward Bennett was born in Cork in 1837, the son of a barrister. He enrolled in medical school at Trinity in 1854 at the age of 17. At college he studied under the then Professor Robert Smith under who he developed at interest in fractures. He qualified in 1859 and obtained fellowship of the Royal College of surgeons in 1863. After a period as an anatomy demonstrator he was appointed as Surgeon to Sir Patrick Duns hospital in 1864. Bennett succeeded Robert Smith as Professor of Surgery in 1873 following his death. Today Bennett is best remembered for the fracture he described which still bears his name, perhaps more importantly however Bennett is accredited with having introduced Antisepsis to Dublin Hospitals.

Edward Henry Taylor: Professor of Surgery 1906-1916

Thomas Eagleson Gordon: Professor of Surgery 1916-1929

William Pearson: Professor of Surgery 1929-1953

Robert Francis Jack Henry: Professor of Surgery 1953-1967

William George Fegan: Professor of Surgery 1967-1975

Thomas Patrick Joseph Hennessy: Professor of Surgery 1975-2001

John Vincent Reynolds: Professor of Surgery 2001

Kevin Christopher Paul Conlon: Professor of Surgery 2002

University Professors

1852    James William Cusack
1861    Robert Adams

Regius Professors of Surgery

1868    Robert Adams
1875    William Collis
1891    George Hornidge Porter
1895    Charles Bent Ball
1916    Edward Henry Taylor
1922    William Taylor
1933    Charles Atrhur Kinahan Ball
1946    Adams Andrew McConnell
1961    John Seton Michael Pringle
1967    Nigel Alexander Kinnear
1973    Stanley Thomas McCollum
1984    Thomas Patrick Joseph Hennessy