Grants Awarded to Staff Members

Academic Year Grant Title and Investigators Total Award Amount

Motor Neuron Disease Association UK
Junior Non-Clinical Fellowship
Dr. Roisin Macken (PI)

2018-2020 Health Research Board
Dr. Deirdre Murray (PI)
2018-2020 Health Research Board
Dr. Bahman Nasserolesami (PI)
2018-2020 Health Research Board
Professor. Orla Hardiman (PI)
2018-2022 Health Research Board
Dr. Peter Bede (PI)
2018-2021 Horizon 2020 TUDCA-ALS
Professor Orla Hardiman


The ALS Association
Professor Orla Hardiman

2017-2023 Science Foundation Ireland

2017-2018 Health Research Board

2017-2020 Irish Research Council: Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Award 2017
Ms Roisin Mc Mackin
2016-2018 Department of Health and Human Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2016-2018 Science Foundation Ireland €610,640
2016-2018 The ALS Association $199,984
2016-2018 UK Motor Neurone Disease Association £268,822
2016-2018 Science Foundation Ireland & Trinity Foundation €1,045,962
2016-2018 UK Motor Neurone Disease Association £75,125
2015-2016 Health Research Board: Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme Awards 2015 €59,972
2015-2017 Irish Research Council: Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015
Professor Orla Hardiman & Dr. Bahman Nasseroleslami

Health Research Board: Research Training Fellowship 
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI) 

2014-2017 The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
Professor Orla Hardimna (Co-PI)
2014-2017 Joint Programme in Neurodegeneration (JPND) ALS-CarE
Professor Orla Hardiman (Coordinator)

Health Research Board: Health Research Award (Biomarkers in Neurodegeneration) 
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI)


The Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association: Post Doctoral Fellowship.
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI)


Thierry Latran Foundation: Post Doctoral Fellowship.
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI)

2013-2014 Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience: Fellowship Grant in Clinical Neuroscience. 
Dr. Niall Pender (PI)
2012-2017  Health Research Board: Clinician Scientist Award.
Professor Orla Hardiman
2012-2015 Health Research Board: Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement Award.
Professor Orla Hardiman
2012-2015 Workpackage leader SOPHIA: Joint Programme in Neurodegeneration (JPND) Biomarker Consortium €2.3m.
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI)
2012 Lundbeck Award: In Neurology, Psychiatry, Geriatrics.
Professor Orla Hardiman
2011 International Alliance of ALS/MND Forbes Norris Award. 
Professor Orla Hardiman
2011-2016  Workpackage leader EUROMOTOR  European Community's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement n° [259867] Total €9.5 m.
Professor Orla Hardiman
2011-2012  Thierry Latran Award: Study of a novel TRH analogue in SOD1 mouse model of ALS.  
Dr. Julie Kelly (PI) Professor Orla Hardiman (Co-PI)
2010-2013  Research Motor Neuron funding for Studentship in ALS Genetics.
Professor Orla Hardiman
2010-2013 USAMRAA: Evaluation of an acute RNAi-mediated therapeutic for visual dysfunction associated with  traumatic brain injury.
Dr. Colin Doherty (PI)
2009 American Academy of Neurology/ALSA Sheila Essey Award in ALS Research.
Professor Orla Hardiman
2009-2012  Health Research Board-MRCG Research Awards: A pharmacogenomic study of chronic refractory epilepsy Brainwave – The Irish Epilepsy Association.
Dr. Colin Doherty (Co-app)
2009-2012 Health Research Board-MRCG Research Awards: PhD Programme in Neuropsyhcology UCD for neuropsychological endophenotypes in temporal lobe epilepsy. Brainwave – The Irish Epilepsy Association. 
Dr. Colin Doherty (Co-app)
2009-2010  IMNDA Research Fellowship.  
Professor Orla Hardiman
2009-2010  Irish Motor Neurone Disease Research Foundation: Determining Beneficial Effects of a New Therapeutic Compound, JAK4D, in the SOD1 Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
Dr. Julie Kelly (PI)
2008-2010   DOH Innovation fund: Integrated care in Epilepsy.
Dr. Colin Doherty (PI)
2008-2009   IICN /Merck Serono Clinical Research.
Professor Orla Hardiman
2007-2009  Muscular Dystrophy USA.  A WGA Study  of ALS in a population Isolate.�
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI)
2007-2008   ALSA Initiation Grant: Population-based  Epidemiology of Cognitive decline in ALS.
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI)
2007-2012 Health Research Board Clinician Scientist Award. 
Professor Orla Hardiman
€1.7 million
2007-2010  Health Research Board Project Grant Replication and Development of WGA Study in an Irish ALS Population. 
Professor Orla Hardiman (PI)
2007-2010 Enterprise Ireland CFTD/2006/122: Development of a Novel Compound for treating Neurological Disorders.
Dr. Julie Kelly (PI)
2006-2007   Enterprise Ireland PC/2005/201: Parenteral delivery system for first in class compound with Potential  therapeutic application in CNS disorders.
Dr. Julie Kelly (PI)
2005-2008 Health Research Board: Project Grant RP/2005/152: Furthering the development of potent thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading ectoenzyme (TRH-DE inhibitors – toward a novel therapeutic strategy for CNS disorders. 
Dr. Julie Kelly (co-PI)
2005-2008 Science Foundation Ireland Research Frontiers
Programme 05/RFP/BIM0034: Exploration of methods to provide sustained expression of TRH peptide  in a target tissue and investigation of neuroprotective properties of TRH.
Dr. Julie Kelly (co-PI)
2005-2008 Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Funding: Mres/PhD programme for Imaging endophenotypes in 
Epilepsy: A new standard for associations.
Dr. Colin Doherty (PI)
2005-2006   Irish Epilepsy Association Grant: Genetic variation in the Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) system in patients with epilepsy: implications for pathophysiology and response to treatment.   
Dr. Colin Doherty (PI)
2004-2005 International league against Epilepsy:  Polymorphisms in Multi-Drug resistant Protein – Allelic Association Studies. 
Dr. Colin Doherty (PI)
2003-2012 Higher Education Authority Programme for Research  in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI)  cycle 3 - Programme for Human Genomics (PHG) - Epilepsy Project.
Dr. Colin Doherty (Co-PI)

Industry Collaborations

2012  Biogen Idec Heath Services study of ALS €50,000