In the Physiology Discipline in Trinity College Dublin we focus on human physiology. Our undergraduate students learn about every aspect of the human body, from the functions of specific proteins in individual cells, to the function of the different body systems such as the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. As physiologists, they are trained to understand how the function of all body systems is integrated and regulated in order to maintain optimum function within the whole human body. Our staff recognise the vital importance of laboratory teaching in complementing information communicated in lecture classes. We teach our students how to make accurate physiological measurements, how to generate data, how to analyse those data and how to draw conclusions based on the data. In this way, our students gain a deep knowledge of the subject of physiology.

Undergraduate Degree Programmes

The Physiology Discipline runs the BA (Moderatorship) in Physiology and teaches significant components of the BA (Moderatorship) in Neuroscience. Both of these degree courses are Sophister options in the Trinity Science degree.

In partnership with the School of Biochemistry and Immunology, with input from the wider School of Medicine, we run the B.Sc. in Human Health and Disease.

Since Physiology is the functional basis of the health sciences, the Discipline provides lecture and/or laboratory teaching to students of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Radiation Therapy and Clinical Speech and Language Studies.