Radiation Therapy is one of the main methods used to treat patients with cancer. Graduates from the undergraduate programme are qualified to work as a Radiation Therapist - the health professional who is responsible for the delivery of radiation therapy.

Facilities at the Discipline

Treatment Skills Laboratory 

Computer Lab Facilities in Radiation Therapy

The discipline has a 40 PC computer lab dedicated to radiation therapy skills training, with software for:

  • Virtual simulation
  • Treatment planning
  • Treatment machine emulation

The lab also has third-party teaching software allowing the lecturer to control what individual students can see or work with during practical sessions.

Lecture Theatres

The three lecture theatres are located in the Discipline of Radiation Therapy. They seat approximately 160 students in total. Together with the Treatment Skills Lab, these facilities are all networked with Smart-boards.

VERT: Virtual Environment of a Radiotherapy Treatment Room

The Discipline has an innovative state-of-art virtual simulated radiotherapy treatment facility consisting of a radiotherapy treatment room with 3D projection and observation glasses. This technology facilitates the teaching of clinical radiotherapy skills away from the daily pressures of hospital clinical departments through the use of 3D models, simulation and enhanced visualisation aids.

Please view this short video of VERT in use.

VERT Overview Video

This video showcases how VERT is used to demonstrate the treatment of lung cancer with radiation therapy.