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Research Impact Case Stories


Towards a kinder yet impactful way to conduct lung cancer research
Improving education for GPs regarding Adolescent Mental Health
Supportive relationships between patients and family caregivers for decision-making in palliative care
Better adjuvants for paediatric vaccines
Social prescribing to improve adolescents’ wellbeing
Listening to the voices of young people with disability experience
Multimodal Intervention for Depression Prevention in Older People
The Trinity International Development Initiative Impact Report 2008-2011
The Trinity International Development Initiative Impact Report 2008-2011
The KARMA-Dep-2 trial: Ketamine as a treatment for major depression
Tripartite alliance to battle COVID-19
A new method of measuring satiety in clinical trials of hyperphagia and obesity
A ‘one-stop’ health surveillance clinic for children with Down Syndrome
Better ways to tell our story
Pioneering international research into transforming health systems
Pushing boundaries on Alzheimer’s detection, prevention, cure and care
Research on ageing: From research to practice to policy
The Irish childhood national diabetes register
Gene therapy for haemophilia offers a potential cure
Exercise is key following a cancer diagnosis
Energy to burn – how immune cells respond to infection during TB disease
Cellular biomarkers of disease onset, progression and response to treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
Cancer immunotherapy as a first-line treatment
An innovative method for detecting frailty
The best model of human disease is the human
Preventing Disease - Shining a new light on understanding the relationship between vitamin D and health
Re-balancing the immune system
Tackling Health Inequalities - Preventing cancer in disadvantaged women smokers
State of the Art Therapies - Enabling translational nanomedicine and nanoMedical technology to overcome the valley of death in innovation