Identifying work-related support needs of individuals with cancer working in hospitality and retail-based occupations

Work is important for individuals with cancer as it provides a sense of purpose, financial stability, and contributes positively to well-being and quality of life during a challenging period. However, many people experience physical and psychological difficulties as a result of their cancer and/or cancer treatment that can interfere with work. People working in hospitality and retail sector may experience additional difficulties due to the physical and emotional nature of their work. Therefore the purpose of this study is to explore experiences of individuals working in hospitality and/or service-related jobs working during or after cancer treatment to find out if cancer affected their work satisfaction and performance and what strategies they used to manage their work at this time.


Faculty of Health Sciences Dean’s Research Initiatives Fund

Research Team

Professor Deirdre Connolly (PI), Dr Naomi Algeo and Ms. Hayley Connolly.

Research Collaborators

Ms. Roisin Ryder, Fatima Family Resource Centre; Ms. Margaret Darrer and Ms. Deirdre Fitzsimons, Irish Hotel Federation.