Our Research

infection cellsResearch is carried out in the Trinity Translational Medicine Institute (TTMI) on the St. James's campus and in the Institute of Preventative Health in the Tallaght University campus. Research interests include but are not confined to Infection and Immunity, Neurosciences and Cancer. Infectious Diseases currently being investigated with a view to developing vaccines, new treatments and tests include tuberculosis, Helicobacter infection of the stomach, infectious hepatitis, HIV, sepsis syndrome, invasive fungal disease, and parasite infestations. Cancers such as pancreatic cancer, oesophageal and colon cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, thyroid cancer, and haematological malignancies are the subject of basic research which seeks to find out the causes and potential cures of these diseases.

In close collaboration with the Discipline of Psychiatry, our neurologists and radiologists are undertaking research that focuses on advanced imaging techniques to assess brain function in the setting of different neurological conditions.

Our investigators also study immune mediated diseases such as celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and skin diseases and nutritional aspects of ill health.

Academic Members