Professor in Medical Gerontology and Head of Discipline

Head of Discipline, Professor Roman Romero Ortuno

Welcome to the Discipline of Medical Gerontology

Welcome to the Discipline of Medical Gerontology in the School of Medicine. The Department of Medical Gerontology was established in the School of Medicine in 1999 under Prof. Davis Coakley and was the first Academic Department of Geriatric Medicine in Ireland. The first established academic posts in the Discipline were facilitated by generous endowments from Atlantic Philanthropies. Since its creation, the Discipline has seen unparalleled expansion in the areas of education, research, clinical care, and societal outreach. Our mission is to help face the current and future challenges and opportunities of ageing by supporting education and research on successful ageing, geriatrics, gerontology, and preventative care of the older person, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.