Group of teenagers smiling into the cameraSupport needs of adolescents and young adult cancer survivors for return to education and/or work

The focus of this study is to examine how a cancer diagnosis and treatment impacts on physical and mental health of adolescents and young adults ages 16-24 years. It is also examining if and how cancer treatment can impact on school and work performance and what supports are needed by adolescents and young adults to manage school and work activities.


Irish Cancer Society Allied Health Professional Cancer Research Award (CAHP22ALG)

Research Team

Dr Naomi Algeo (PI), Professor Deirdre Connolly, and Professor Kathleen Bennett

Research Collaborators

Dr Sheryll Alken, Children’s Hospital, Ireland; Mr. Mathew Barrington (PPI representative); Ms. Stacey Braddish (PPI representative); Ms. Catherine Buckley, Trinity St. James’s Cancer Institute; Dr Sonya Collier, St. James’s Hospital; Ms. Louise Mullen, National Cancer Control Programme; and Ms. Niamh O’Sullivan, Children’s Hospital, Ireland.