Postgraduate Research Degrees

Past projects include:

Emma Jane White

The Future of Motion Management for Radiation Therapy Will Be Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Wen-Yao Jasmine Chen

Dosimetric and Clinical Impact of Bone Marrow-Sparing Radiotherapy for Anal Cancer: A Systematic Review

Jelizaveta Ter-Minasjan

Systematic Review of Image Guided Radiation Therapy and Motion Management Strategies for Oesophageal Cancer

Tan Wan Wei

A Pilot Comparative Study of Mouth Bite Devices and Their Effect on Patient Experience and Treatment Setup

Andrew Luu

A Systematic Review on Delta-Radiomic Parameters Acquired from On-Board Imaging to Predict Tumour and Normal Tissue Responses During Radiotherapy

Yolandi Muller

A Quantitative Investigation to Optimize Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography Acquisition Parameters to Improve Image Quality for Radiotherapy of Head-And-Neck Patients

Vedran Manestar

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Application in External Beam Radiotherapy: A Systematic Review

Ms Diana Dias Domingues

Exploring the Impact of Metabolic Imaging on Target Volume Delineation and Treatment Planning in Head and Neck Cancer

Wesley Naidoo

Feasibility of Surface Guided Radiotherapy for Patient Positioning in Breast Radiotherapy Versus Conventional Tattoo-Based Setups: A Systematic Review

Ms Siret Kivistik

Analysis of Set-Up Errors on Daily CBCT and Optimal CTV-PTV Margins for Head and Neck Patients Treated with IMRT