BioNanoInteract - Oct 2007 - June 2011


Project Title
BioNanoInteract: Interactions of engineered nanoparticles with biological systems-a rational basis for nanotoxicology and nanomedicine
We combine state of the art techniques, methodologies, skills and instrumentation from several scientific arena's in major Irish research centres to create discipline-independent platforms address key questions in nanotoxicology and nanopharmacology. Thus, we identify the routes via which nanoparticles enter and accumulate in living organisms, and connect this to representative cell-nanoparticle systems. Then using the most advanced methods of chemical, physical, biological and toxicological sciences we connect nanoparticle properties (in physiological conditions) to the mechanisms via which they interact with, and disrupt, cellular processes. We establish means and protocol via which every step of the programme will be controlled, eliminating the factors that currently cause irreproducibility. We emphasize novel unbiased assessments of intra - and inter-cellular processes after exposure to nanoparticles, enabling us to explore an extensive database of nanoparticle effects on the living human cells and will develop a new generation of nanotechnology-based tools for diagnostic and treatment applications
Principal Investigator
Prof. Yuri Volkov
Funding agency
Science Foundation of Ireland,
Strategic Research Cluster
Date from
Oct 2007
Date to
June 2011