Discipline of Medical Education

A Welcome Message from Dr. Martina Hennessy:

The discipline was established in 2023 to advance the field of medical education through research and scholarship, education and capacity building, and to provide expertise in educational policy and curriculum development in the School of Medicine. The discipline aims to provide cohesive leadership, guide faculty development and lead modification of teaching and learning strategies concurrent with the evolution of medical education and health professional identities.

We advise and report on quality assurance mechanisms of the undergraduate  programme in medicine and healthcare professional programmes based on best evidence medical and healthcare education practices. This involves collaboration between specialised areas of administration and governance (Curriculum Committee), education, ethics and clinical practice disciplines with skills in programme management, delivery, assessment, evaluation, educational research and speciality research development. Our overall objectives are to support and perform research that underpins evidence-based medical and healthcare education, and to collaborate with cognate areas in the development and translation of research. Our underpinning ethos is to build educational    capacity through mentorship of faculty and to foster a culture of collaboration and scholarly thinking in education.

We are located in the Biomedical Sciences Institute and the Old Anatomy building on Trinity main campus, the Trinity Centre for Health Sciences located at St James's Hospital and the Trinity Teaching Centre at Tallaght University Hospital.