Children and Youth

Research Strand Members: Dr Katie Cremin, Dr Deanna Gibbs, Dr Margaret Lawler, Dr Michelle Spirtos

Children and young people can experience challenges to participation in many aspects of daily life due to environmental and personal factors. The aim of this research strand is to explore, and to impact on, the function and participation in the daily lives of children and young people within their environmental context.  It traverses health, education and the disability experience.

The research focus starts in infancy traversing childhood and the transition to adulthood. Projects include a specific focus on neonatal occupational therapy, children with cerebral palsy, children who have experienced complex trauma, children with handwriting challenges, social prescribing with adolescents and young people and the transition to adulthood for young people with disability experiences. 

Research Projects

Achieving IMproved outcomes for children with Cerebral Palsy 

An Occupational Therapy led forum for handwriting challenges and solutions

Health Professionals’ and Link Workers’ Perspectives on Social prescribing for Adolescents 

Social Prescribing for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer

Supporting Transitions to Adulthood Resources