Postgraduate Courses

Staff in the discipline also contribute to other postgraduate courses in the School of Medicine particularly the MSc in Sports Medicine and the PG Cert in Exercise Physiology.

We offer MSc and PhD programmes by research and a recently launched online Post-Graduate Certificate in Clinical Exercise.

The strategic direction of the research in the Discipline embraces three high level themes:

Non-pharmacological management of chronic disease: this broadly encompasses the role of physical activity and rehabilitation models in the primary prevention, secondary prevention, amelioration of clinical disease symptoms and lifestyle management across a range of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiorespiratory disease, HIV and mental health.

Professional issues and practice: this theme incorporates research into the practice of physiotherapists for example use of outcome measurement, evidence-based practice, ergonomics and motivational strategies in the patient-client interaction. In addition, research into the leadership of physiotherapists in Ireland and Singapore is being undertaken.

Practice Education

The overarching aim of our research is to optimise the learning experience for our students on clinical placement. Current projects are targeting the following: training programmes for practice educators, performance (work) based assessment and peer supervision models.

Further information about our practice education research is available here