In order for your MSPE to be completed, you must complete the MSPE form and return page 1 to the International Programmes Coordinator, Ms Rita Keane ( at least one month prior to the programme submission date. Please ensure you include all of the required supporting documents listed in the Checklist on Page 1 of the form and that all attachments are in the correct format requested:
Note for TCD students applying for residency in the Match programme of their expected year of graduation:  Fourth Years will be asked in late spring to complete an internal form to let the School of Medicine know if they plan to apply to ERAS/CaRMS for US/Canadian residency programmes in their year of graduation.  The deadline for  submitting their complete MSPE request will be in early summer of Fourth Year so that the ERAS/CaRMS deadlines for document submissions are respected.

The documents listed below must accompany your MSPE Request Form.  Please read all 3 pages of the MSPE form for further details on the information required by the School of Medicine to write your MSPE.

  1. Full CV including details of your work experience to date, any research activities you have been involved in, volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, hobbies and interests. Please also mention the specialty you wish to apply to.
      1. Full list of your clinical rotations from 3rd, 4th and 5th Med in the following format:

        Attachment 1:   Date Paediatrics                TUH
        Attachment 2:   Date Infectious Disease    SJH
        Attachment 3:   Date Psychiatry                 St. Patrick’s

  2. Full details of your electives in the following format:

    Elective 1:            Date
    University Hospital Galway, Galway, Ireland
    Paediatric Surgery (Dr. X)

  3. At least two letters of reference from physicians whose team you worked on either on rotation or elective. Where physicians wish to submit ‘blind references’, they may email them directly to Ms Rita Keane: in PDF format.

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • It is the responsibility of the student/graduate to submit all required documentation. The MSPE cannot be written up until all required documentation has been received.
  • Please submit your MSPE request and the required documentation at least one month in advance of the residency programme submission deadline. MSPE requests received at the last minute will not be accommodated. TCD students applying for residency in the Match programme of their expected year of graduation will be required to submit their complete MSPE request in early summer of Fourth Year as explained above. When requesting the MSPE, please indicate the residency programme submission deadline.
  • If you require a transcript along with the MSPE, please request this by e-mailing medadmin@tcd,.ie  or through the On Line Student Request Form indicating that a PDF scanned copy of your transcript is required for your residency application and MSPE letter. Please note that transcript fees apply for graduates (six months after graduation).
  • US residency programmes: Your MSPE and transcript will be uploaded to your ERAS account through the ECFMG/ERAS web portal directly by TCD School of Medicine
  • Canada residency programmes: Your MSPE, transcript and English Language Proficiency Letter will be uploaded directly to your CaRMS account by the School of Medicine through the CaRMS transfer of documents web portal.
  • ERAS and CaRMS no longer require the original hardcopy of your MSPE and transcript to be sent by post or courier.  The scanned PDF copies are accepted as originals if uploaded directly by TCD School of Medicine.