CERVIVA National HPV Awareness Symposium 2017


CERVIVA is a TCD led multi-investigator research consortium working in the area of HPV associated diseases (www.cerviva.ie). We are organising this National HPV Awareness Symposium to highlight some of the changes coming down the line in Ireland with respect to HPV based cervical screening and HPV vaccination and to address some of the concerns and challenges arising for health care providers.

The symposium is targeted at health care professionals and researchers with an interest in the field and will cover a broad range of topics pertinent to HPV and recent developments and research in this field. We hope to increase awareness around the whole area of HPV based screening, HPV-associated cancers and highlight the requirement for responsible health services in this area specifically addressing some of the changes coming down the line with respect to HPV based cervical screening and HPV vaccination.

RCPI approved for 6 CPD credits.

Video Gallery

John J O'Leary Presentation

CERVIVA National HPV Awareness Symposium 2017, 27th Jan 2017, TBSI

Dr Grainne Flannelly Presentation

HPV testing as part of CervicalCheck the Irish National Screening Programme - Dr Grainne Flannelly, Clinical Director, CervicalCheck

Christine White Presentation

CERVIVA HPV Primary Screening Pilot Study

Fiona Lyng Presentation

Raman spectroscopy - a molecular Pap test for cervical screening - Fiona Lyng

Mairead O'Connor Presentation

Psychological impact of HPV testing - Bridging the gap between what we know and what we need to know - Mairead O'Connor

Gary Clifford Presentation

The global burden of HPV - associated diseases - Gary Clifford, Internal Agency for Research on Cancer Lyon, France

Imogen Sharkey Ochoa Presentation

Epidemiology of HPV Infection in Oral Cancer in Ireland - Imogen Sharkey Ochoa

Prof Conrad Timon Presentation

HPV and the diagnosis and treatment of head and Neck Cancer: An Irish prospective - Prof Conrad Timon

Dr Jo Waller Presentation

Psychosocial and communication issues in HPV-related head and neck cancer - Dr Jo Waller, Department of Behavioral Science and Health

Dr Brenda Corcoran Presentation

HPV Vaccination Programme - Dr Brenda Corcoran, National Immunisation Office

Dr James O'Mahony Presentation

Cost-effectiveness of cancer prevention in the HPV era: Vaccination and screening in the cervical context and beyond - Dr James O'Mahony

Prof Maggie Cruickshank

The impact of HPV vaccination in Scotland - Prof Maggie Cruickshank

Cerviva RoundTable Discussion

37 minutes long discussion