About Us

CERVIVA is multi-investigator collaboration led by Trinity College Dublin, encompassing researchers at several national and international academic institutions, health agencies, and commercial diagnostic and biotechnology companies. The purpose of the consortium is to advance high quality peer-reviewed research programmes in the area of HPV associated diseases.

CERVIVA was established in 2005 and was initially funded by the HRB Health Services Research Award scheme to perform high quality research in the area of cervical screening in Ireland, with an overarching aim of supporting CervicalCheck [the National Cervical Screening Programme]. Since then CERVIVA has continued to expand and build on existing capacities and competencies to further develop and expand emerging research topics of interest to cancer screening in Ireland. This is being achieved through a multidisciplinary approach focusing on the areas of, molecular biology/epidemiology, new screening technologies, health economics and health psychology.

CERVIVA gratefully acknowledges the support of the Health Research Board (link is external)Irish Cancer Society (link is external)CervicalCheck (link is external), the National Cervical Screening Programme, the National Cancer Registry Ireland (link is external), Clinical  Research Development Ireland (link is external), the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital (link is external), and Friends of the Coombe.

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