The inaugural Public presentation of research by School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin’s  first upcoming graduates of Doctor in Medicine (M.D.) with previous publication was held on October 11th 2023 in Tercentenary Hall, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (TBSI), Dublin.

At the special ceremony, which was launched by Prof. Colin Doherty, Head of the School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, Medical Doctors, Dr Helena Ferris and Dr Declan Byrne were presented with a medal each in recognition of being the first graduates with a Doctor in Medicine (M.D.) with previous publication.

Presenting the Medals, Professor Roman Romero-Ortuno, Associate Director for M.D. Studies, School of Medicine, said “Thanks to the efforts of the entire PGT Office in the School of Medicine, a new M.D. route was approved by Trinity’s Graduate Studies Committee in May 2021. This route allows permanent Consultants or General Practitioners who work in our network and are Trinity graduates to obtain the M.D. based on previously published work.”

Accepting her medal, Dr Ferris,  a specialist in Public Health Medicine in the HSE South said: "I am honoured to be awarded an M.D. from Trinity College Dublin. An M.D. with prior publication is a wonderful opportunity for Consultants with a track record of high quality research to gain formal recognition for their contribution to medical knowledge. I look forward to implementing the findings of my research, which focuses on optimising health outcomes for hip fracture patients and improving cost effectiveness within the health service."

Commenting on his medal, the other recipient, Dr Declan Byrne, a Consultant Physician and Executive Medical Director in St James’s Hospital, said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been one of the first candidates to complete the M.D. by previous publications. The process was clear and well managed by the University. There was a lot of learning in preparing the thesis. I had to revisit and update my literature review and critically re-review my methodology.  This has benefitted the planning cycle for future work. The rigour and accountability of the examination process provided an excellent focal point for my CPD activities. I think this option will be very useful for working doctors across the community and hospital domains who are research active, or are interested in joining research groups. I highly recommend it.

Speaking about the important ceremony, Professor Catherine Darker, Director of Postgraduate Teaching & Learning, School of Medicine, commented  “the M.D. with previous publications showcases a way for our School to keep connected with our diaspora. Both of these recipients are a testament to the real and tangible benefits that can arise when working doctors apply research to their areas of interest.”

Information on this procedure is available on the School of Medicine website:

Photo caption: Dr Helena Ferris and Dr Declan Byrne with their inaugural medals in recognition of being the first graduates with a Doctor in Medicine (M.D.) with previous publication.