M.D. based on previously published work – new route for permanent Consultants or General Practitioners who are Trinity graduates

A new M.D. route was approved by Trinity’s Graduate Studies Committee in May 2021 (GS/20-21/123MD proposal (School of Medicine), which allows permanent Consultants or General Practitioners who work in our network and are Trinity graduates, obtain the M.D. solely based on previously published work. This new route does not modify existing regulations for the normal M.D. route.


  • Trinity graduate, holding an M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., or equivalent. The reference to a Trinity graduate is intended to refer to the core discipline and the major award (degree award). A minor Trinity award does not meet the requirements.
  • Permanent Consultant or General Practitioner working (full- or part-time) in any of the hospitals or healthcare organisations with which Trinity has a formal association.
  • Not already in possession of an M.D. degree.

Publication requirements:

  • Minimum of two original (not reviews), published peer-reviewed papers in international leading journals of appropriate impact factor for the area of research, published within the previous 3 years.
  • They must relate to a single theme.
  • The candidate must be the first or leading author.
  • They cannot have been part of any other degree, either his/her own or that of a supervisee.
  • The candidate must provide written consent from all co-authors (if any) that the proposed publications can be used for the purpose of this special M.D. route.

Application procedure:

  • Application forms are available from ADPTLMD@TCD.IE or omahoned@tcd.ie
  • Applications deemed eligible will be forwarded to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • If the application is approved by the Dean, the School of Medicine will invite the applicant to register for the M.D. degree, nominate a supervisor, and pay for one year of M.D. fees.
  • Other regulations such as compulsory credits and progress reports will not apply.

Thesis submission and examination:

  • Within one year of registration, the candidate will submit the M.D. thesis including the minimum of two publications (author's accepted manuscripts, not journal printouts), which can be expanded if desired to also include a general introduction regarding the body of work, a more detailed methodological chapter if necessary, and an expanded discussion. Please note, if no methodological papers are part of the submission, the candidate must include a detailed methodological chapter.
  • The Dean of Graduate studies will appoint an external and internal examiner for the thesis.

Expectations of successful candidates:

  • Should the candidate’s examination be successful, and ideally prior to M.D. conferral, a compulsory public presentation on the examined M.D. work will be made by the candidate as arranged by the School of Medicine, no later than 3 months from the successful examination outcome.
  • It is expected that successful candidates will be willing to supervise future School of Medicine M.D. or Ph.D. students in their area/s of expertise.
  • For further information, contact

ADPTLMD@TCD.IE or omahoned@tcd.ie