Dr. Jennifer Conlan

Dr. Jennifer Conlan

Clinical Skills Tutor

Year Three Coordinator

Publications and Further Research Outputs

  • Jennifer Conlan, Olive Killoury, The Relationship between Medical Student Logbook and Clinical Examination Performance, INMED 2018, University College Cork, 8th February 2018, 2018Poster
  • Jennifer Conlan et al., The design and development of an online educational resource for clinical teachers, Irish Network of Healthcare Educators (INHED), University of Limerick, 23rd-25th March 2022, 2022Oral Presentation
  • Clare Whelan, Lylas Aljohmani, Jennifer Conlan, Clinical Teachers Perceptions of Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Environment, Irish Network of Healthcare Educators (INHED), University of Limerick, 23rd-25th March 2022, 2022Oral Presentation

Research Expertise

  • Title
    The Use of Virtual Reality in Undergraduate Medical Students' Clinical Skills Training
    The aim of this project is to conduct a pilot study on the use of Virtual Reality (VR) in clinical skills training of undergraduate medical students. The study will investigate the use of VR primary assessment scenarios developed by Oxford Medical Simulation. Third medical year students will be recruited with questionnaires and focus groups being used to assess the user acceptability and feasibility of using VR in undergraduate medical training. The study will also compare mannequin-based and VR simulation in primary assessment training.
    Funding Agency
    Faculty of Health Science's Dean's Award for Innovation in Teaching
    Date From
    May 2022
    Date To
    July 2023


  • Undergraduate Achievement Award from the Physiological Society of London 2002
  • INMED Research in Medical Educarion (RIME) award 2018
  • Special Purpose Certificate in Higher Education Pending
  • Postgraduate Award from the Irish Research Council of Science, Engineering, and Technology 2002
  • Ussher Postgraduate Award from Trinity College Dublin 2002
  • ESME Certificate in Medical Education 2018
  • General Register of the Irish Medical Council 371326 2022
  • RCPI CPD Scheme ID 34264 2022
  • Academy of Medical Educators (AoME), MAcadMEd
  • Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) - Membership Number 111476 7/3/2022
  • Communications Officer - Online Learning Education Committee, School of Medicine April 2021