Director of Global Relations

Role and Responsibilities

The Director of Global Relations will have delegated responsibility for the development of academic external relations on behalf of the School of Medicine.   The Director will be ex officio, be a member of the School’s Management Executive, they will develop strategic partnerships with external academic, philanthropic and industry partners in research and education.

The responsibilities of the Director of Global Relations will include

At College Level

  1. Representing the School on the appropriate College-wide fora; coordinating liaison between the School and the Vice President Global Relations and TCD Global
  2. Representing the School with external bodies in matters relating to developing strategic external philanthropic, industry and academic partnerships.
  3. Representing the School in relation to external support for cross-school, relationships with international universities and research partners

At School Level

  1. Chairing a Global Relations subcommittee for the School.
  2. Developing of a global relations strategy for the School which synergistically aligns with TCD Global.
  3. Facilitating the linkage of, and co-ordination between, School and College policy in relation to Global Relations and liaising with the Vice President Global Relations and TCD Global.
  4. Making recommendations to the Head of School and School Executive regarding the allocation of School resources to Global Relations.
  5. Publishing an annual global relations report for both internal/external partners.
  6. Supporting the School in the development of new innovation partnerships.
  7. Working towards the establishment of research/innovation  agreements with international partners.

Student Recruitment

  1. Developing the knowledge of existing international markets
  2. Participate in the non-EU recruitment process
  3. Work towards the development of new markets in association with the College Global relations department.
  4. Support the Schools strategic aims in international student recruitment


The Director of Global Relations, will be nominated for appointment by, and will report to, the Head of School. The term of appointment will normally be two years, renewable for a further two. The Director will be a full-time member of the academic staff of the School and will be appointed from among those on the Associate Professor grade 1 or above.  The Director will be an ex-officio member of the School Executive.