The School of Medicine is delighted to announce the publication of its Annual Overview of Doctoral Health Research 2023. The report is a celebration of the School of Medicine’s research Excellence, one of the factors that make Trinity the leading university in Ireland. The School’s commitment to being a research-led school with strong clinical-scientific academic partnerships, is fundamentally supported by the hard work of our postgraduate students undertaking PhD and MD programmes. In any higher level institution it is the hard work of students undertaking PhD and MD degrees that lays the foundation for excellence in medical and health research.

The inspiration and motivation of the school’s 160 PhD and MD Doctoral students reflects a formidable and powerful body of health research, embedded in clinical translation, which will ultimately enhance our understanding of science and technology to the ultimate benefit of patients, health professionals, and society as a whole.

The report is also a testament to the immense contributions made by our academic Doctoral Research supervisors across the school who are shaping and mentoring PhD students who will become the health research leaders of tomorrow. 

In addition to a comprehensive directory of doctoral research project titles, the document offers a selection of one page articles penned by our students, that reflect the vibrancy and variety of the school’s research strengths as well as showcasing the talents of its mentors.

We hope you enjoy reading about our Doctoral research stories. The Annual Overview of Doctoral Health Research 2023 is available to enjoy here.